Welcome to a brand new edition of Emerging Opportunities – the only show on your radio dedicated to the world of emerging markets – with Juliette Foster and Gavin Serkin, the author of ‘Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow’, and the Managing Editor of Frontier Funds and Frontera News.

China is the emerging market the world has been watching this week as it played host to the G20 Summit. But it’s the US that’s continued to hold emerging market investors spellbound with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warning that the case had strengthened for a rise at long last in US interest rates – only to be contradicted in the eyes of some watchers by a disappointing US jobs report last week.

One economist focused on the impact of the Fed outlook and Chinese growth on emerging markets is Alan Cameron, economist for the frontier markets brokerage Exotix Partners, and this week’s guest.