Frontier Funds exists to draw investment flows to developing countries through better understanding of the challenges and the opportunities in Africa, Asia, the Americas and emerging Europe. We connect people and ideas through constant proactive engagement with the world’s most influential journalists, broadcasters, events organisers, researchers and investors.



Managing Editor and Author of “Frontier ~ Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow” (Bloomberg/Wiley, 2015)

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An impassioned advocate of increased and responsible investment in the developing world, Managing Editor Gavin Serkin brings more than two decades of experience as a leading writer and commentator on emerging markets to an exciting new platform.

Frontier Funds collates the best intelligence from five continents in the first news service and radio show dedicated to frontier markets, while supporting investment research and helping companies and governments to tell their story.


Our Project Partners


Exotix has more analysts covering more companies than any other frontier markets investment firm


Frontera News is the first news provider dedicated to covering the global emerging and frontier markets


Access real-time news before it becomes News with Krzana, the advanced cloud based real-time search engine.

Share-Radio-logo Share Radio is the UK’s first commercial broadcaster dedicated to covering finance and business

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The West Sands team has decades of experience building intelligence networks in emerging and frontier markets, and operating in complex environments


APIP, the biggest integrated real estate company in Mongolia, is expanding to other frontier markets


“The Frontier Funds consultancy is a welcome and credible force for deeper and more constructive media focus on a group of countries and companies that occupy an ever-larger space in the financial markets and the wider world. We couldn’t be more excited by the prospect of utilising this new service to help project the compelling research and ideas generated every day at Exotix Partners.”

Ivan Ritossa, Former Executive Chairman of Exotix Partners and past Executive Committee member at Barclays Capital

“We picked Frontier Funds to build our Frontera news platform because their depth of knowledge, contacts, experience and passion for the frontier markets is quite simply unmatched by anyone else out there. We’re building dedicated on-the-ground content from North Korea to Iran to Argentina and Zimbabwe. No one else does that.”

Kevin Virgil, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Frontera

“Gavin Serkin is at the heart of our Emerging Opportunities show. With his expertise we’re getting listeners investing and making money in far-flung places as he keeps us up-to-date with what’s coming next around the emerging world.”

Donald Leggatt, Editor in Chief of Share Radio and former BBC senior broadcast journalist

“Gavin worked his way up through the tough managerial ranks of local journalism in the UK then established himself as a rock of emerging markets journalism in the fast-moving Bloomberg environment.  It takes a particular kind of bright and ambitious person to succeed both at being a highly-valued journalist and managing them effectively.  I have spoken to him and read his articles for years, and was particularly pleased to be asked to review his book Frontier, which gives a great flavour of what emerging markets investing is like on the ground.”

Dr.  Jerome Booth, founder and chairman of New Sparta and co-founder of Ashmore Group, both leading emerging and frontier market investment houses, and author of “Emerging Markets in an Upside Down World: Challenging Perceptions in Asset Allocation and Investment”

“Gavin is the only journalist that has accompanied me on an investment trip, and I was highly impressed by his interesting and pertinent questions with various officials in Nigeria. He combines discretion, accuracy and integrity with a flare for the energy and excitement of the emerging markets – as evidenced by his highly acclaimed book and Aberdeen’s ongoing engagement through conferences and various media activities.”

Kevin Daly, Senior Investment Manager, Aberdeen Asset Management